Visual artist Michael DePalma explores the nature of what it means to make ‘concept art.’ Towards that end, he founded Waveform Expressionism, a style whose primal, gestural paintings focus on movement, texture and light. By concentrating on the energy and motion of a subject, rather than 3-D space, he resonates with the audience on an emotional level. His art’s goal, regardless of media, is to rediscover the mystery of the natural world. Just as children will entertain themselves by finding shapes in clouds, he finds inspiration in anything from the amorphous markings of stains on a sidewalk to shadows on a wall.

DePalma was influenced at an early age by the mystical world of mythology and folklore. Luminaries such as Joseph Campbell, Alan Watts and Carl Jung played a large role in shaping his creative philosophies on the role of art as spirit guide to healing, centering realms.

With a degree in Visual Communication Design from Purdue University, Michael DePalma has worked in both publishing and graphic design. He has displayed art throughout the Colorado Springs area, showing at the Manitou Art Center, and in the city-wide art and poetry celebration Art Aloud. His painting has been featured in the Xanadu Gallery Art Catalogue, Fall 2013.