Concept Art is a vague term that leaves room for interpretation. My goal is to consider what it means to be an artist versus a concept artist, and to have that discussion through my work.

I will use whatever media at my disposal to render subjects. The work will often have socially critical tones, though it may exist purely for its own sake (i.e. for beauty, to have aesthetic value). Sometimes ideas will come slowly, and sometimes they will flow in mad waves. What will be consistent is that the work had a concept behind it, a specific intent by the artist, and that the process itself of rendering the work is the concept art.

Finished product, in many ways, has little to no value in determining whether something is concept art. The finished product, once released to the public, becomes a chameleon creature. People bring whatever meaning to it that they wish, which is often far from the original intent of the artist. Provocative pieces meant to elicit discussion on a socially relevant topic can be reduced to shock value or pornography, given the perspective of the viewer.

Is whatever ‘concept’ the artist had irrelevant, if the prevailing notion of the public is to view it as something other?

Crucified Jester Collage
Crucified Jester